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The application of wear-resistant coatings for large particles and small particles

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  Wear-resistant coating thickness is related to the spraying process, the process is different, there are differences in the thickness of small particles wear-resistant particle adhesive and large particles wear-resistant particle adhesive: wear-resistant particle adhesive is in accordance with the size of the diameter of nano-ceramic particles as the distinction, can be divided into small particles wear-resistant particle adhesive and large particles wear-resistant particle adhesive two types.

  The particle diameter of small abrasive particle adhesive is between 0.5mm and 1.5mm.

  The particle diameter of large abrasive particle adhesive is between 1.0mm and 2.5mm.

  There are some differences between it and large particles in practical application:

  Nano ceramic particles with high concentration are used as epoxy repairing agent for wear hard point, which is suitable for resisting particle wear with diameter less than 3mm.

  Nanometer ceramic particles with strong wear-resisting function are used as epoxy repairing materials for hard points. Suitable for resisting particle wear with diameter larger than 3mm. The difference of macroparticle wear-resisting adhesive is not much, generally the impact of the local selection of large particles, small impact of the local grout based on the selection of small particles.

  Wear resistant coating characteristics of large particles:

  One, two components, special modified epoxy resin filled with high performance wear resistant ceramic ball.

  Thixotropic viscosity, good operability, suitable for facade and complex appearance construction.

  Excellent wear resistance and impact resistance.

  4. Used for repairing and protecting high-load and large-particle erosion and wear equipment, such as pipe bending, rotary separator, centrifuge, slag-slurry pump, etc.

  Wear-resistant coating is a special layer of material attached to the base material to add the wear resistance of the base material. According to the method of adhesion can be divided into thermal spray coating and chemical adhesive wear - resistant coating. The two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages: thermal spraying process needs special equipment and skilled operation skills, general coating is relatively thin, large area of construction power is higher. Chemical adhesive coating process is brief, generally just according to the rules of good wear-resistant coating adhesive, uniform coating in the need to protect the site can, no higher skill requirements for construction personnel, construction convenience, low requirements for the construction site.