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What is emery mainly used for

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  Emery is a silicate mineral. It has a long history of production and use of abrasive materials made by hydraulic separation, mechanical processing, screening and grading. In ancient times, China has the use of emery abrasive crystal glass and a variety of jade.

  The grinding force of natural emery is lower than that of electric furnace white corundum. However, it has strong willfulness and features of shell-like fracture. Its advantages are high smoothness, less and shallow sand marks. The grinding surface is fine and even, which can improve the product quality. The short grinding time, high benefit and low price of natural emery can make up for the short life.

  The understanding of the emery is more, this kind is generally artificial production of emery, and the understanding of the natural emery, even if many insiders are not clear.

  In the 1840s it was exported to the east. Divided into three categories: coarse, middle and fine. Among them, the coarse order is black red, the middle order is light red, fine for red and white, all kinds of mesh size uniform, particle shape uniform, into an edge called angular crystal, a sharp edge, high grinding force. For stone industry grinding marble and other soft materials. Glass industry grinding glass edge, television tube, optical equipment, lens, prism, clock glass, etc. Metal industry blasting, derusting, grinding. The printing industry grinds the offset plate, as well as the light industry processing plastic sample, the leather, the sandpaper and so on USES.

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