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Brown Fused Alumina

basic information
product description

Brown fused alumina

Brown corundum, Also known as carborundum, Is the use of bauxite, Carbon materials, iron scrap three kinds of raw materials in the arc furnace after melting reduction and made of brown artificial corundum, So this name. The main chemical component of brown corundum is AL2O3, Whose content ranges from 95.00% to 97.00%, And contains a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti, Etc. Brown corundum is the most basic abrasive. It is widely used because of its good grinding performance, Wide application range and low price.

Brown fused alumina Introduction to the

Brown corundum is bauxite, Coke (anthracite) as the main raw materials, In the arc furnace after high temperature smelting, Made of abrasive tools, Suitable for grinding tensile resistance of higher metals, such as all kinds of general steel, malleable cast iron, Hard bronze, but also for the manufacture of high-grade refractory materials. Brown corundum is characterized by high purity, Good crystallization, Strong fluidity, Low linear expansion coefficient and corrosion resistance. Through the practice of dozens of fire-resistant production enterprises, the product has the characteristics of no blasting, No powder and no cracking in the application process. In particular, It is far higher than traditional brown corundum cost performance, Which makes it become the best aggregate and filler of brown corundum refractory.

Specification introduce

Note: F is the specification of consolidation and sandblasting

P is the specification for coated abrasives

W is micro powder, 320# is W40






Main chemical composition








Magnetic material






































Period of sand


Fine powder

0-1mm 1-3mm 3-5mm 5-8mm 8-12mm
25-0mm 10-0mm 50-0mm 30-0mm
180#-0 200#-0 320#-0
































Physical properties of




Dark brown (dark blue after calcining)

Crystal shape

Trigonal system

Hardness (mohs)


Maximum service temperature (℃)


Melting point (℃)


True density (g/cm3)

≥3. 90

Linear expansion coefficient (0 -- 1600℃)


Division leve

The main component of brown corundum is alumina, Which is divided into grades by the content of aluminum [1]. The lower the content of aluminum, The lower the hardness.

Product size according to international standards and national standards production, According to user requirements for particle size processing. The general particle size is F4~F320, And the chemical composition varies according to the particle size. The outstanding feature is the small size of the crystal impact resistance, Because of the use of self-grinding machine processing broken, Most of the particles are spherical particles, dry clean surface, Easy to bond with the agent.

Using range

Brown corundum is called industrial teeth: Mainly used in refractory materials, Grinding wheels, Sandblasting.

1, For the manufacture of advanced refractory materials, Castable, Firebrick, Etc.

2, Sandblasting - Abrasive hardness moderate, High density, No free silica, Heavy ratio, good toughness, Is an ideal "environmental protection" sandblasting material, Widely used in aluminum profile, Copper profile glass, Washed jeans precision mold and other fields;

3, Free grinding - Grinding grade abrasive, Used in picture tube, Optical glass, Monocrystalline silicon, Lens, Clock glass, Crystal glass, Jade and other fields of free grinding, is widely used in the domestic advanced grinding materials;

4, Resin abrasives -- Abrasives with suitable color, Good hardness, Toughness, suitable particle section type and edge retention, Applied to resin abrasives, Ideal effect;

5, Coated abrasives -- Abrasive is sandpaper, Gauze and other manufacturers of raw materials;

6, Functional filler - Mainly used for automotive brake parts, Special tires, Special construction products and other collar can be used to build highway pavement, Airstrip, Dock, Parking lot, Industrial floor, Sports ground and other wear-Resistant materials;

7, Filter media - Is the new application field of abrasive, Using granular abrasive as the bottom of the filter bed medium, Purification of drinking water or waste water, Is the new water filtration materials at home and abroad, Especially for non-Ferrous metal dressing: Oil drilling mud weighting agent:

8, Hydraulic cutting - Abrasive as the cutting medium, Relying on high pressure hydraulic jet for basic cutting, Used in oil (natural gas) pipelines, Steel and other parts of the cutting, is a new, Environmental protection, safe cutting.

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